Tatyana Burcheva

Orchestral, choral and vocal music

Tatiana Burtseva - musician, teacher of children's school of arts, a Manager in the sphere of culture and arts,

member of the Russian Author's Society, is the author of over 300 songs for children and adults, as performed by teams of Russia and performers from other countries, author of instrumental music,

project author and artistic Director of the children's vocal festival "Winter fantasy" , children's vocal competition "Voices of friends" and all-Russian musical Internet-contest VOICES of FRIENDS.

The winner of national contest of composers «Choral laboratory of the 21st century. Music for children and youth» 2013 with the song «Christmas».

The winner of the competition of children's song "give the song the children" ("the Shoes", "the sound of the rain").

The winner of the contest of Patriotic songs («Piskarevsky plate»).
The winner of pop STAR contest RUNET («I kiss thy hands», «angel in heaven», «Lemon rose»).
The winner of the festival is a GOOD SONG (Queen of Sochi»)
The winner of the festival chanson RODNIK («don't go away»).